Moulinex Cookeo intelligent multicooker

This is a very simple to use automated pressure cooker, with only a few buttons and some 50 preset recipes. Bid by Moulinex as an intelligent multicooker, Cookeo also allows you to add your own recipes by simply adding needed ingredients and then it figures out the rest. With its backlit Digital color screen and a rotary navigation knob, the 6-litre Moulinex Cookeo looks like a big rice cooker.

This intelligent multicooker comes with 2 pressure levels and 5 cooking modes, including Pressure Cooking 109°C to 115°C, Steam, Browning 160°C, Reheat 70°C and Keep Warm 64°C. Cookeo works fast, with 40 preset recipes ready under 11 to 12 minutes. Cleaning is easy, thanks to nonstick, removable ceramic bowl and dishwasher safe parts.
Many of preset recipes require little of preparation. Several recipes don’t shy away from using frozen veggies, like garlic, herbs, onions, carrots, etc. You can cook a complete meal or just certain ingredients, like steam broccoli or asparagus, or cook chicken or fish. In Auto cooking mode, the intelligent Cookeo selects the proper cooking time. Or enter time yourself in the Manual mode. Price is around € 200. Moulinex. Previously, Moulinex Frutti Pro Plus juicer.

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