Clipso pressure cooker – SEB Clipso Control Plus

Clipso Control Plus from SEB is the French made modern pressure cooker with ergonomic design for easy handling, recipe book and 10-year warranty. Crafted from high grade stainless steel, the Clipso pressure cooker comes with triple layer sandwich base for perfect heat distribution and perforated stainless steel Vitamin basket with integrated supports for optimising the steam within the pot for faster cooking and better preservation of vitamins. Several innovative features of this SEB pressure cooker include patented foldable handles and lid which turns upside down for convenient storage, one-touch opening system that allows you to attach or remove the lid single-handedly and soft release steam valve to quickly depressurise the pot. Other safety devices are pressure regulator valve and two independent over pressure safety systems.

Safe to use with any type of hob, the cooker is also easy to clean since every component but timer and gasket are dishwasher safe. Speaking of a timer, SEB incorporated an advanced timer that automatically starts to count down the preprogrammed cooking time as soon as the correct temperature has been reached for the selected program. Once the cooking time has elapsed, the timer alerts you with an audible signal. Two cooking programs are Vitamin to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients when cooking vegetables and Meat and Fish. This sleek SEB Clipso Control Plus pressure cooker sells for around €180.