Small pellet stove – Aga Fusion

The new and compact Aga Fusion is rather small pellet stove with clean lines and compact footprint. With burning efficiency over 90% and 13 kW maximum heat output, this small and elegant pellet stove offers clean burning and brings warmth and coziness into your house. Wood pellets are made of recycled waste wood and burn efficiently and conveniently, giving off almost no wood smoke. Aga equipped the stove with automatic control, built-in room thermostat, room humidifier and offers optional remote thermostat. Automatic start up cycle makes Fusion easy to use. And this small pellet stove consumes approximately 1 kg of pellets per hour. Other features include 7-day programmer 2 on/off periods per day, automatic cleaning cycle, fan assisted convection air, automatic overheat and chimney safety shutdown, and removable ash tray and burn pot. Price for the Fusion small pellet stove is approximately £2,160. Aga.

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