Aga Minsterley central heating boiler stove

Aga Minsterley is the large cast iron central heating boiler stove, capable of heating up to 8 radiators, burning either wood or solid fuel, thanks to its interchangeable fuel plate. The Minsterley is ideal stove for the family home with an excellent central-heating/hot-water to space-heating ratio. Equipped with Advanced Airwash Technology, this highly efficient Aga stove offers outstanding hot water performance with virtually no excess heat given into the room. Minsterley construction combines hidden baffles, channels and ducts to manipulate the air circulation, allowing Aga to achieve a very efficient and clean combustion with low emissions.

Key benefits of Aga Minsterley stove include,
– thermostatic water temperature control
– interchangeable wood burning plate
– reciprocating grate for solid fuel
– top or rear flue outlet option
– overnight burning capability
– central heating
– 3.6 kW space heat output
– 7.5 kW water heat output
– 73% efficiency
Weight is 178 kg and overall dimensions are 57W x 57D x 78H cm. You can buy Aga Minsterley for around £1,150. Aga.
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