Tonwerk ultra modern wood stoves from Europe


T-EYE is the only Tonwerk stove with round form and perpendicular rotating design. This heat storage stove comes with the automatic air control, top aperture for feeding wood, 85% fuel efficiency, 2.50 kW output and can heat up to 120m³. The Swiss made Tonwerk T-EYE is available in many different finishes to fit the decor of your house.




The new Tonwerk wood burning stove, T-NEO eco2 DUO features a convection module for additional flexibility in the heat emission. You can choose between pure radiated heat and the faster, regulated convection heat. The 1.80 kW stove has 83% efficiency and the intelligent eco2 module converts T-NEO into a heat source that you can heat up only once, yet enjoy for hours.


The stove comes with intelligent automatic air supply which requires no electricity while producing sustained radiated heat. Special comfort auto door closer provides incredible air tightness and T-NEO eco2 DUO is approved for applications independent of indoor air in low energy houses. Top-down combustion minimises emissions and the wood burns cleanly with very few ashes. Tonwerk. Previously, Tonwerk T-EYE stove.


The integrated storage core of the innovative T-SKY eco2 from Tonwerk is made of fire proof ceramics with an excellent heat conductivity. When burning the wood, the storage core absorbs the released energy only to save it and slowly return afterwards.


The combustion chamber offers a beautiful view of the fire and ensures the optimal radiation of the heat into the room. The door handle is installed above the combustion chamber for an easy reach and an ergonomic opening of the stove. The Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 completely uses the energy, reaching 84% combustion efficiency and over 15 kWh heating capacity.


Other key features of this T-SKY eco2 wood stove are 6 kg firewood capacity, 2-hour burning time, slider for manual control and 12-hour duration of warmth release. Comes in 11 finishes. Tonwerk. Previously, Tonwerk T-EYE stove.


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