Wood burning stoves – Wodtke Sun and Moon

Rounded shape and red ceramic make Wodtke Sun an instant focal point in the room. Heat output ranges between 5.0 kW and 9.0 kW, and burning efficiency exceeds 75%. Made of double walled steel and cast iron, the Sun features automatic air combustion control system, steel and vermiculite fire box, and steel door with large glass window and cool-touch handle. Price is € 2,300.

The larger Wodtke Moon is technically very similar to the Sun wood burning stove and is available in 5 colours and different materials including steel, soapstone and ceramic. Price is € 2,650. Wodtke.
Wodtke pellet stoves
Wood burning stove – Wodtke Dadoo
Wide screen stove – Wodtke Fire
Modern stove from Wodtke
Wodtke Hot Box 2000

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