German Xeoos stoves with Twin Fire System are some of the most efficient in the world

These are very likely the most efficient stoves in the world today, with burning efficiencies up to 93%. xeoos makes 6 X5-Series models with 5.0 kW output – Style, Natur, Classic, Pur, Elegance and Harmony as well as 4 X8-Series stoves with 8.0 kW output – Classic, Pur, Basic and Elegance. In addition, 3 Special Edition wood burning stoves – X5 Country, X8 Country and X8 Unique – are also available.

In the heart of the German designed and manufactured contemporary wood burning stoves is unique Twin Fire System with 2 combustion chambers. The top chamber burns the wood like a standard stove. But when you press the side lever, the flame direction is redirected downwards into the second chamber where extremely high temperatures are achieved with ash acting as catalyst, resulting in the most thorough wood burning with almost no ash left.
So efficient and smoke free the xeoos stoves are, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs known as DEFRA, has approved them for burning wood in smoke controlled areas. What is more, the very low emission values ​​are significantly better than those required to meet the 2015 European environmental standards.
Other features include airwash to keep the glass clean, thermally decoupled silicone handle which always stays cold, uniquely shaped grate, optional lower steel gate and the highest quality stainless steel, aluminum, glass, stone and wood. xeoos.

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