Aduro 9-3 wall mounted & 9-4 pedestal based wood burning stoves

The elegant, floating Aduro 9-4 stove is a wood burning wall mounted stove that accentuates the flames in the most attractive way. Aduro 9-4 affords you with many opportunities when it comes to integrating the stove in your living room. With 81% efficiency and 9.0 kW maximum heat output, this convection stove can keep warm up to 140 sq. meters of living space. Other characteristics include air-wash system, ashpan, primary, secondary and tertiary air supply.

The Aduro 9-3 is the first pedestal-based wood burning stove in the line, helping visually elevate the combustion chamber and intensify focus on the flames. The stove features two-sided glass pane for wider view of the fire and elegant look. Like the 9-4 stove and other stoves from Aduro line, the 9-3 comes with unique Aduro-tronic automatic control device. The patent pending mechanical Aduro-tronic automatically regulates combustion air and ensures that the primary air is set at the correct pace, improving comfort and saving money. In addition, it reduces firewood consumption by up to 40% and minimizes discharge of particles. The Aduro-tronic can be set to a manual mode, allowing you to burn different types of fuel. Made in Denmark. Aduro.

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