Gorenje WashEXPERT

The WashEXPERT concept washing machine from Gorenje offers innovative multi-language touch control colour LCD display to provide a unique and truly simple washing experience. Gorenje electronic control module allows selecting washing modes with the slide of a finger across the display or by logical subsequent touches of images and icons. Positioned on the gently sloped control panel, this interactive LCD display ensures straightforward operation with the access to 4 washing modes – SIMPLEwash, AUTOwash, PROwash and MYwash.

The WashEXPERT also has an additional EXTRA menu for stand-alone functions. When the SIMPLEwash tab is selected from the main menu, photos of 5 categories of laundry appear on the interactive colour display – Cotton, Wool, Synthetic Fibres, Mixed Fibres, and Delicate laundry. Choose the laundry according to the fabric and then gently tap the display to select the predominant colour of the fabric, how heavily the laundry is soiled, and how delicate it is. Then simply press the START icon.
Selecting the AUTOwash washing mode opens up a range of 5 different colour categories – White, Bright, Vivid, Dark, Black. After choosing the colour category, a logical series of laundry categories opens – Business and Casual Clothes, Bed Clothing, Underwear, Overcoats, Baby Clothes, Curtains, Knitted Clothing, Sport Clothes, Delicates, Work Clothes and Household Linen. WashEXPERT then offers a washing mode appropriate for and fully tailored to each category. Choose the one that best suits the sorted laundry. Select how heavily the laundry is soiled and the type of any major stains, and press the START icon.
By customizing AUTOwash, SIMPLEwash and PROwash programs you can save any or all of them to MYwash, which stores all your favourite programs, customised to your personal needs and habits. Selected and saved washing combinations can be retrieved any time there is a similar batch of laundry in the laundry basket. Gorenje.

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