AEG ProTex Plus washer and dryer

The new AEG laundry pair, ProTex Plus washer and dryer will provide the highest quality results and do it with the gentlest care. Part of the innovative AEG New Collection, the ProTex Plus offers excellent washing and drying efficiencies, and variety of programs to satisfy laundry needs of the most demanding consumers.

Highlights of AEG ProTex Plus washer include,
– special sensing system controls automatically water, energy and duration
– AEG unique Advanced Washing Technology wets clothing quickly and evenly, and prevents over-concentration of detergent
– specially designed honeycomb drum offers excellent care for textiles, and due to the combination of small holes and large perforated surface, protects the fabric and allows excellent washing and efficient flushing
– large 70-liter drum allows you to clean everything you need
– integrated weight sensor helps with precise loads and correct detergent doses
– stainless steel control panel, stylish knob and touch display on top models
The new AEG ProTex Plus washers are priced between € 870 and € 1,250.
The 118-litre drum of the ProTex dryer takes up to 9kg and features modern heat pump technology to deliver perfect drying results. It is also equipped with a new extra quiet inverter motor, which ensures gentle operation suitable for the most soft and delicate fabrics such as wool, silk and cashmere. Advanced air management system dries the clothes uniformly and wrinkle-free. The new AEG dryers are priced from € 600 and € 1,300.

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