Hoover VisionHD – an innovative 9kg (20 lbs) washing machine

Hoover VisionHD 9 is an innovative washing machine that can handle your largest load. Boasting a massive 9 kg (almost 20 lbs) capacity, the VisionHD has top spin speed of 1600 rpm, one of the fastest on the market, extracting most of the water while washing and therefore cutting down the drying time. The VHD9163ZD washer also has an extra large porthole for easier loading and unloading and delivers an “A” rated wash performance. While designing the machine, Hoover introduced several technological breakthroughs and advanced features, including a totally redesigned drum which uses increased water pressure, curved paddles and a raised dome system to move the laundry in a 3-dimensional way, therefore providing innovative dynamics that ensures clothes are washed to optimum performance. Weight Sensor Load Control utilizes sophisticated electronic software to adjust the water level throughout the cycle according to the nature of the fabrics in each wash, as well as how much you load. VisionHD employs motor with special Inverter Drive Technology, which uses opposing magnetic fields instead of traditional buzzing brushes, making the motor extremely quiet, while increasing torque and power. With Start Delay up to 23 hours, you can plan well ahead, to arrive home just in time for when the cycle finishes rather than leave the load damp inside this VisionHD washer. Also enables you to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs. This Hoover washing machine also features 10 programs and options with 3 separate for cottons, 5 for different types of delicates, one for synthetics and one for smaller loads which is done under half an hour. The price is £380. Hoover.

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