9kg washing machine by Beko

The new 9kg Excellence washing machine is the fastest 9kg model on the market. Designed by Beko for consumers with busy lives, the washer comes with innovative time saving features and energy efficient programs. The machine is very quiet, consumes just 59 litres and has a ‘A++AB’ energy rating for energy consumption, washing and spinning performances. It also offers Eco Clean 20 program, which saves 70% in energy costs compared to a standard Cotton 40 program.

The Excellence features 16 main wash programs including,
– Tub Clean to clean the empty washer for maximum hygiene
– Daily Quick, the fastest wash program for a full load of lightly soiled laundry
– Dark Care which designed to protect dark coloured clothes
– Mixed Fabrics to wash cottons and synthetics together
– 14 Minute super fast short wash program
– 12 Minute cold wash program
Beko also equipped this 9kg washing machine with large LCD display that shows the time that remains till the wash is over. A programmable up to 24 hours time delay function allows to choose the most suitable time of the day to do laundry chores and take advantage of the lowest energy rates at night. Available in either white or high gloss black, the stylish Beko washer features an extra large chrome porthole door and bigger drum size making it easier to load and unload large amounts of laundry. Price is around £375. Beko.

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