Garden fireplace from Attika

If you like simple straight lines of this Conmoto fireplace, the open design of the massive Attika EOS may appeal to you as well. Measuring 190cm in height, EOS garden fireplace is designed from heavy 5mm thick interleaved steel plates, with the horizontal plate that not only supports the fire but also functions as a screened work and storage surface. You can also set the large stainless steel grill at 4 different levels. Once the fire starts burning, a slow oxidization process kicks in, giving your garden fireplace its very own unique appearance. Ideal for a modern garden, yard or brick patio, Attika EOS fireplace sells for € 1,513.

CUBE is an elegant rotatable garden fireplace that is perfect for entertainment and can be used on the patio, in the garden to barbecue or just enjoy the open flames. Designed to sit on the 4-legged stainless steel base, simple oxidized Korten steel cube support, natural stone foundation or even an existing garden wall, Attika CUBE sells for € 690.
This simple outdoor fireplace in the shape of a fire bowl is reduced to the bare essentials. Designed entirely from oxidized steel, Attika RA is an eye-catching garden fireplace with the elegant construction that allows an unobstructed view of the dancing fire. Price is € 236.

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