Altima grills – the 38″ stainless steel grill by Sure Heat

The 38″ Altima grill is meticulously designed by Sure Heat for the best grilling experience. Sure Heat claims that its flagship Altima grills are the best-kept secret in outdoor grilling, and this may be right. All grills come with the exclusive fire brick lining for superior heat retention and uniform distribution, state-of-the-art infrared burners and traditional gas burners on grill top, optional charcoal wood box for cooking with lump charcoal, heavy-duty rotisserie, and commercial grade stainless steel grates. The 38″ grill has 6 main burners with 112,000 BTU’s and rear burner with 12,000 BTU’s making grilling a pure enjoyment. You can cook in four ways – conventional, rotisserie, infra-red, charcoal-wood. Cook with the Altima grills in style and comfort. The price for the 38″ model is just over $3,000.

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