TEC Sterling grills with flare-proof infra-red burner system


TEC or Thermal Engineering Corporation developed some of the best-performing grills available today.

Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the Sterling series grills come with flare-proof, infra-red burners, that convert industry best 99% of the heat of a gas burner to infrared energy.

The result is that a TEC grill is ready to cook in 5 minutes, with intense searing, and better gas consumption.


The radiant glass panels made of a layer of high temperature blue glass, rest between the burners and the cooking grids, blocking air flow below the cooking grids that causes flare-ups and vaporizes food drippings to create a smoky vapor that imparts a delicious outdoor grilled flavor.

Very easy to clean, these TEC grills look somewhat unusual, but the performance and fuel economy makes these grills an excellent choice for your summer.

The latest addition, compact Cherokee FR will be available in few weeks. With the grill specifications varying by the model, the prices start at about $3,000. TEC grills.

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