Outdoor cooker – Alfresco VersaPower

The new versatile VersaPower outdoor cooker from Alfresco offers from 400 to 65,000 BTU of power for total heat control. The specially designed super heavy-duty spider grate can handle the smallest of saucepans and up to a 100 quart stock pot. A perfect compliment to your Alfresco grill, this outdoor cooker is ideal for a turkey fryer.
On of the main advantages over other cookers is that VersaPower burner is uniquely close to the top grate and directs heat exactly to the bottom of a pan, whereas, with other burners, heat expands well beyond cookware surface for a rather inefficient cooking and heat loss, and sometimes dangerous flame exposure.
Made of commercial stainless steel with heliarc welded seams, this exclusive dual burner system offers independent control, removable 3/8″ diameter polished stainless steel spider grate, removable center trivet, 9 volt push button ignition system and recessed sealed top for wind protection and to contain spillage. Suited for all types of outdoor kitchens, Alfresco VersaPower sells for about $1,500. Also, gas grill from Alfresco.


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