Electrolux barbecue – new Island Barbecue

Gone are the days when barbecuing meant standing in a cloud of smoke with your back turned to your family who impatiently waited for their food at a nearby picnic table. The new Electrolux barbecue island allows you to entertain in style while at the same time share the joys of outdoor cooking with family and guests. Designed as a freestanding island with an FSC certified wooden teak bar surrounding three sides, the Electrolux Island Barbecue enables party hosts to be at the centre of the event where they can grill foods, serve chilled drinks while at the same time entertain their guests. After all, outdoor cooking is about bringing people together.
The state-of-the-art design includes a teak wood bar, surrounding the two sides and the rear of the Island Barbecue generously sized cooking space. The bar provides ample space for food preparation and dining, as well as for setting cooking utensils and drinks. The natural teak wood blends harmoniously with garden furniture and the outdoor environment. The Electrolux barbecue ignites easily, is gas fuelled, and includes a compartment large enough to hide a 10 to 12 kg gas bottle out of sight. It is made of professional-grade stainless steel, stylishly protecting it from harsh weather.

Electrolux also incorporated convenient and functional cooling drawers in the design, so this Island Barbecue comes with an insulated cooling drawer that keeps food and drinks freshly chilled and within easy reach. Kept cool by freezer blocks, the cooling drawer is deep enough to keep 15 wine bottles standing. An additional smaller upper insulated cooling drawer keeps marinated food fresh, or provides storage for cooking utensils.
The Island Barbecue also has three cooking surfaces made of solid cast-iron to cater to a variety of foods,
– open griddles, ideal for everyday grilling of meats such as steak
– closed griddle to prevent greasier foods from dripping on the burners
– flat teppanyaki for stir-frying vegetables, cooking sauces, pasta or rice
Additionally, accessories are included that enable roasting foods on skewers. This Electrolux barbecue island is available in two configurations – 2-burner EGL 6000X model for £2,900 and 4-burner EGL 9000X Island Barbecue for £3,500.
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