Outdoor kitchens from Newtrend Luxius Line

Luxius outdoor kitchens from Newtrend allow you to enjoy sun, pleasant temperatures and good company in sleek, contemporary style. Of course, food carries an utmost importance, but exclusive design and top quality materials combined with European craftsmanship do help quite a bit.
Newtrend outdoor kitchens include a superior grill or hob built into exclusively designed, contemporary furnishings. You can customize your kitchen with several cabinets, configuring and expanding it to your liking. Depending on your requirements for cooking equipment and work and storage spaces, you can create your custom outdoor kitchen. You can add matching cabinets later.
This outdoor kitchen comes with Boretti Black Mezzo Top, featuring cast iron hotplate, 4 burners 5.5 kW each, a 4.5 kW wok burner, a 4.2 kW back burner and electronic lighting for complete cooking control. Granite counters, stainless steel cabinets, solid oak base. Price is € 3.495.
This outdoor kitchen is crafted from granite, oak and double-layer stainless steel with a robust lid, and has stove with 2 side burners, stone grill, baking plate and roasting spit. The stainless steel burners each have a power rating of 3.6 kW, the side burner has a power rating of 2.4 kW each. Stainless steel grill and rack to keep food warm, professional lid-integrated thermometer, built-in electronic igniter, ample storage space and optional 3.6 kW infrared rear burner are other main features of this high-end outdoor kitchen, priced at only € 4.000.

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