Landmann patio barbecue grill, fireplace and smoker

The Landmann patio barbecue grill cooker can be used as a charcoal grill, a wood-burning smoker, or as an outdoor fireplace. With its multiple tiered cooking surfaces and heavy-duty steel construction, this patio barbecue grill boasts 1,370 square inches of cooking space for simultaneous cooking of ribs, a whole chicken, a pork shoulder – all while requiring only 20 square inches of patio space. A porcelain enameled bowl sits just above the fire and catches rendered fat before it drips onto the fire, thus preventing flame-ups that can burn food. Adding water, broth or wine to the bowl allows food to be steamed adding moisture and flavor. Landmann also provides this patio barbecue with six removable porcelain grill grates so you can grill large primal cuts vertically, hanging them from the meat hook on the grill smoker ceiling. An exterior stainless steel temperature gauge gives precise grill temperature readings while the doors are closed, adjustable vents regulate heat and smoke, removable ash pan makes cleaning easy, and a metal screen keeps sparks inside the fireplace when the bottom doors are open. This dual functional fireplace and grill can use wood or charcoal, and its unique shape enables you to grill, smoke and steam your favorite food. Price for the Landmann patio barbecue grill is $500 USD.

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