EvenGLO radiant patio heater

If you are looking for a patio heater like no other, the advanced EvenGLO radiant patio heater certainly fits this description. Engineered to specifically target the upscale commercial and residential market, EvenGLO represents the most significant technical breakthrough in the delivery of infrared radiant heat. This versatile radiant heater heats an area over 58% greater than a comparable competitive model. Moreover, it is available in fixed upright, hanging, and portable models to meet all patio heating requirements.

The EvenGLO is designed especially for the restaurateur and outdoor enthusiast who demand the best performance, reliability, and charm in extending the patio season. The rugged double reflector system and heavy duty construction of the EvenGLO is engineered to maintain operating efficiencies and reflector shape after extended use – equivalent to new heater. The two-stage Hi-Lo electronic comfort control enables the heating of a greater area to keep more patrons comfortable per heater year round, ideal for residential and commercial patios. EvenGLO radiant patio heaters are the greener choice, using more heat, less heaters, and less gas to enhance the patio experience of your customers. Main features and benefits include,
– exotic ‘luau’ torch appearance
– easy to use and hook up
– low maintenance with no pilot flame
– industrial electronic ignition
– reduced operating costs
– 40% more emitting surface
– remote On / Off switch
– 2-stage operation for improved comfort and fuel savings
– 5 year emitter warranty
EvenGLO also offers portable radiant heater with several key differences,
– ball bearing wheels
– easy to use variable dial for your ultimate comfort control
– easy access to propane tank with push-lock door
– 304 stainless steel or black
For more information on these heaters visit Canadian based IR Energy.

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