Whynter patio heaters – stainless steel SOLARIS patio heaters

PH-2850 in brushed steel and PH-2300 in hammerstone finishes

Whynter heaters give you a cozy, 15′ to 20′ circle of warmth, providing enjoyment in your backyard, patio, or pool deck much later in the fall, and earlier in the spring, than ever before. The stainless steel heaters are able to raise outdoor temperatures by 10° to 20°F, and thanks to their adjustable temperature setting, the SOLARIS heaters allow you to control temperature suited for any outdoor activity. Whynter patio heaters come in three designs – PH-2850 in brushed steel, PH-2300 in hammerstone and PH-2360 in copper finishes. SOLARIS heaters use top notch construction and premium materials to combine function, performance and form, operating on a propane cylinder with Piezo push button ignition, so no electricity is needed and you can setup them up anywhere. A safety anti-tilt switch immediately shuts the unit off, if it is tilted more than 20°, for a peace of mind and safe enjoyment. The highly efficient Whynter conical infra red burner head is durable and gives high output, offering up to 45,000 BTU of soft, comforting warmth. Prices for these stainless steel SOLARIS patio heaters vary, but expect to pay at least $250. Whynter.

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