Perlick 24″ double refrigerated cabinets

The 24″ Perlick double refrigerated cabinets can hide discreetly under a counter as built-in model or it can make a bold statement as a functional freestanding design element. Either way, the 24 inch double refrigerated cabinet provides you with exceptional beauty and versatility. Available as a refrigerator, freezer, wine cabinet or beer dispenser, these refrigerated cabinets come with glass or stainless steel doors and can be integrated into surrounding cabinetry with a wood overlay. The stylish, quiet, powerful, and energy efficient refrigerated cabinet can easily replace the traditional stand-up refrigerator, offering large capacity, commercial-grade stainless steel interiors, electronic digital temperature control and display, Perlick exclusive variable speed compressor for precise temperature control and energy-efficient cooling, forced-air ventilation and automatic hot gas defrost. These double refrigerated cabinets are UL approved for outdoor use. Also available in 48″ and 72″. The prices for the 24 inch built-in cabinet is $3,029 and for the freestanding is $3,329. Perlick. Previously, Perlick freezer.