Bongos mobile outdoor wine cellar and cocktail bar from Alpina

Belgians are known for some excellent beers, but this is their contribution for wine lovers, especially for those who love to entertain their guests outdoors. This Alpina mobile outdoor wine cellar is a true refreshment island equipped with 4 pivoting wheels with brakes, so you can move it at will anywhere in your backyard or on a balcony. The Bongos Wine is made of stainless steel and comes with two independent refrigerated wine cellars, allowing you to store and preserve different types of wine and serve them at the desired temperature. The capacity of each cellar is 21 750 ml bottles, so you can keep several varieties of red and white wines, satisfying most diverse tastes and desires. Temperature adjustment ranges are between 10 and 18° C for the right door and between 5 and 10°C for the left door.

This outdoor cellar comes with two flute-racks, an ice bin, eight little containers for bottles and snacks and a removable wooden serving shelf that can be used also as a trencher. Other features are glass doors, electronic thermostat, thermometer, two digital displays for temperature and optimal humidity regulation. Handsomely crafted in stainless steel for your outdoor enjoyment.

The Alpina mobile cocktail bar will complement your outdoor wine cellar with ice maker, 11 bottle holders, 5 fruit cups and a tray for cocktails. Also comes with 4 pivoting wheels with brakes and assures an easy mobility in any situation. The water, both inflow and outflow, and electric connections are conveniently located in the front section.

These outdoor wine cellar and cocktail bar will provide complete setting with Onfalos grills for mobile outdoor teppan-style grilling. Alpina Outdoor Living and Cooking.

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