ConServ 4-door refrigerator from Equator Advanced Appliances

The space saving and unique design of the ConServ Equator Refrigerator from Equator Advanced Appliances creates a refrigerator that is as stylish as it is efficient. Designed by David Whitfield Lewis, known for his signature designs for Bang & Olufsen, these tall and slim Equator refrigerators have an eye catching and beautifully streamlined design. Measuring 79.2″H x 23.6″W x 23.4″D, the ConServ Refrigerator allows you to not sacrifice superior design in a small space. The refrigerator is not only slim and attractive – it offers a full set of configurations options, a dual compressor and an energy efficient manual defrost system. While the manual defrost required by the freezing compartment is not as convenient as other automatic defrosters, this makes for tremendous energy savings and operating costs. The well-insulated cabinet and bottom-mount freezer also contribute to the energy efficiency. The Equator refrigerator features condenser and cooling tubes that are built into the cabinet, protecting them from dust and ensuring a quieter operation. Pictured here are two refrigerators, side by side in brushed stainless steel. Also available in white, black and anodized steel from Equator Advanced Appliances.

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