Electrolux Design Lab 2008 finalists

The Electrolux Design Lab final to be held on October 9th in Zurich, showcasing the appliances of the future for the Internet generation. Here are 9 finalists in no particular order.
Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

Designed for the students sharing a flat, the refrigerator has a base station and 4 stackable modules, so each individual user has his or her own refrigerator space, which can be customized with various colorful skins as well as with add-ons like a bottle opener or a whiteboard. With convenient handles, a module can be easily picked and hooked up to a base station in a new flat.
Drawer Kitchen by Nojae Park

The portable Drawer Kitchen comes with a desk-drawer hotplate and fridge making it one cool appliance combo suitable for your loft, vacation cabin or office.
iBasket Washing Machine by Guopeng Liang

This Wi-Fi-connected clothes hamper and washing machine can serve as a decorative piece as well.
Scan Toaster by Sung Bae Chang

With the help of hot wires that rotate within a 30° radius, the USB toaster prints news, weather and snapshots onto slices of your morning toast.
Sook Recipe Generator by Adam Brodowski

Sook comes with a moisture sensor, scale, and electronic tongue to determine what food is being prepped, then sends that information to the Sook Touch to generate a delicious recipe.
Stratosphere Sanitizer Clothes Rack by Attila Sáfrány

This sanitizing clothes rack/valet keeps clothes clean and dry.
Vesta Cooktop by Matthias Pinkert

The foldaway cooktop with RFID scanner which helps in providing information about cooking, times and temperatures and even recipe suggestions, Vesta can be folded flat or vertically against the wall.
Coox Cooking Table by Antoine Lebrun

This roll away cooking table allows you to cook and eat anywhere in your house. Perfect as an extension of the dinner table, adjustable height.
E-Bag Cooler by Apore Püspöki

The cooler bag powered by kinetic energy, E-Bag keeps you food and drink cool anywhere you go.
Previously, Electrolux 2007 and 2006 Design Lab winners.