Gorenje kitchen appliances – Simplicity Line

The latest line of Gorenje kitchen appliances called Simplicity is designed to yes, simplify you life and save your time. With the hectic lifestyle of modern life, the last thing you want is to deal with sophisticated yet complicated kitchen appliances and their controls. Why something that sophisticated can not be simple as well, is the question I ask myself over and over. And with marvelous but often complicated exteriors of today appliances, you wish sometimes you could afford a kitchen decorator to make everything match.
Boasting clean, straight forms and functional, user-friendly controls, Gorenje Simplicity is launched with a goal that you will only pay for what you really use, and as the response to the modern trends of simplicity with an idea that you should spend less time trying to figure out how to use your kitchen appliances and how to match them.
The knob control is the only one you need. The careful and deliberate selection of preset programs, resulting from years of experience by European users, will prove convenient both for beginners and experience users who know exactly which features and functions of each appliance they actually need and employ.

A combination of glass and precious metals ennobles the appliances with a plain, yet elegant and sophisticated appearance. The ergonomically designed logical knob relieves you of the incessant dilemmas on which program to use, while the polished aluminium handle endows the entire collection, available in black or white, with a sense of harmonious coherence.
The Gorenje Simplicity line of kitchen appliances delivers a thoughtfully devised array of operation modes and programs. Simply choose the preset program, and the advanced UseLogic technology will take care of the rest. And these appliances are ranked in the highest ‘A’ and ‘A+’ classes when it comes to power and energy efficiencies. Gorenje.