Gorenje retro refrigerators in new colors

Gorenje popular vintage refrigerators are now available in new colors and offer latest technology, user-friendly solutions, and economic operation. Coming in three styles, Chic, Vintage or Funky, both the RB 6288 single-door retro refrigerators and the RK 62358 bottom mount fridge freezers now belong to the economic ‘A+’ energy class, while the RF 62308 top mount models boast the ‘A++’ rating. Apart from excellent thermal insulation, all retro fridges also feature improved door sealing, as well as state-of-the-art cooling system components and refrigeration electronics, all of which are designed to minimise energy consumption.
The modern Gorenje retro refrigerators can be electronically controlled via LED screen. In addition to the basic functionality, they also offer the FastFreeze function for intensive freezing and the SuperCool function for cooling fresh food after a major shopping trip. A special signal LED and a sound alarm will warn you if the temperature inside rises too high.

The versatile interior and innovative convenient solutions enable optimum use of the storage volume in the new generation of Gorenje retro refrigerators, and several new functions preserve and lock in the quality, color, and aroma of the food. A special fan-propelled air circulation system featured in the refrigerator compartment of the RK 62358 fridges directs cool air into the Cool’n’Fresh compartment to constantly maintain a temperature of around 0°C, thus providing optimum conditions for storing fresh food which will remain fresh for much longer. Sliver-based antibacterial protection of refrigerator interior walls prevents development of harmful microorganisms, contributing to even longer and safer storage of your food.
Ranging from plain cold to just cool, these new retro fridge freezers will thrill you with the bright and unusual colors. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly appliances that will blend perfectly with your expectations of distinctiveness. Pick your style and be Chic, Vintage or Funky.
Gorenje Retro Chic refrigerators will appeal above all to those who appreciate modern classics, minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture. Pick one from charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, and Black. Simple elegance where nothing is redundant.
The sober tones of the Gorenje Retro Vintage fridges will intrigue the nostalgic romantics who love natural colors and appreciate new images with a seasoned character. For them, the fridge-freezers are available in prestigious colors of Dark Chocolate, Royal Coffee, and Champagne. Only the best will do.
Gorenje Retro Funky collection was created for the playful eternal optimists and curious travellers who just love to be free and for those adrenaline lovers for whom sky is the limit. Retro fridges in modern, lively, and alluringly lusty hues, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, and Juicy Orange. For all who dream in colors.

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