Over-The-Range microwave oven with warming lamp – new from LG

LG unique new Over-The-Range microwave oven with innovative warming lamp technology ensures optimal mealtime temperature without compromising capacity or design. This microwave oven gives consumers a convenient and reliable way to keep food warm. No longer they have to rely on using a conventional oven or a warming drawer. The warming lamp maintains heat levels at 200°, 170°, 140° and 100° for a period of up to 90 minutes, using a radiant heat source but not microwave technology. The 2 cu. ft. oven also has special combination sliding tray and turntable, which moves side to side and spins, ensuring food is evenly cooked. Use the sliding tray for large casserole dishes up to a 15″ long and the tray with turntable for dishes smaller than 12″. LG special humidity sensing technology determines when food is fully cooked, and automatically turns off the oven. And when it comes to cleaning the air, this LG Over-The-Range microwave is equipped with powerful 300 cubic foot per minute hidden exhaust system, which vents out smoke, fumes and food odours. With stylish horizontal controls and handles this microwave oven looks very modern. Other features are halogen lighting, wide viewing window, child lock, 5-speed vent motor, 10 power levels, 7 cook options and blue interior. The Over-The-Range microwave oven is available in white, black and stainless steel with prices from $459 to $529. LG. Previously, LG over the range microwave oven with EasyUp door.

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