Built-in espresso center – Teka CML 45

The sleek fingerprint-resistant stainless steel frame contrasts nicely with the black body of new Teka CML 45 coffee machine. Based on Teka CM 45 compact espresso machine, this built-in espresso center allows you to regulate intensity, temperature and quantity of coffee, while offering 30 automatic programs – surely enough to satisfy the most demanding coffee connoisseur.

The key features and characteristics of the CML 45 built-in espresso center include,
– electronic control panel
– LED lighting
– 2 cup coffee capacity
– adjustable coffee dispenser, steam and hot water
– integrated 13-stage coffee grinder
– 200 gram coffee bean tank
– deposit for ground coffee
– 1.8 liter water tank
– removable used coffee drawer
– self-cleaning function
– automatic decalcification
The Teka CML 45 built-in espresso center sells for around € 1,200. Previously, small espresso machine.

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