Stainless steel espresso maker – Gaggenau CM 210

The new Gaggenau CM 210 is the fully automatic, built-in stainless steel espresso maker, designed to take place of the highly successful Gaggenau built-in coffee maker, the CM 200. Combining the highest quality materials with cutting-edge design, this espresso machine now matches Gaggenau ovens in stainless steel for seamless integration into kitchen cabinetry. You will enjoy the full aroma of freshly brewed Italian-style coffee every day in the comfort of your home. Gaggenau incorporated its unique conical grinding gear of hardened steel which together with the exclusive Aroma whirl brewing technique, ensures that this stainless steel espresso maker makes distinctively flavorful coffee each and every time.
The machine also comes with adjustable brewing chamber, offering 6 levels of ground coffee, from smooth to super strong. Thanks to the Aroma whirl, the drip grind is spun during the brewing process so that water reaches each and every coffee granule. Single portion cleaning ensures no residual build-up and water pipes are rinsed after each cycle, guaranteeing authentic aroma and purity.

You can brew espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte or coffee and tailor your coffee with 3 coffee temperature settings and a selection of 12 water volumes. The stainless steel espresso maker also features 2 separate chambers for different types of coffee, such as caffeinated or decaffeinated, and offers a height-adjustable coffee dispenser with fill level to minimize spills. Other features include automatic cleaning and descaling program, fully automated rinse program, LCD display, ground coffee portioning, separate container for second ground coffee type, steam and hot water function, thermoblock-pump pressure system, turn-on timer and stand-by mode, and water level control. Gaggenau.

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