Built-in fully automatic espresso machine by Gaggenau

There is nothing wrong with Gaggenau CM 210 stainless steel espresso maker or CM 200 built-in coffee maker. The latest Gaggenau built-in model, the CM 250 just offers a little bit more of everything, delivering espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button.

This fully automatic espresso machine features a personalisation function, which enables you to program and save 6 individual coffee beverages, allowing for most suitable beverage type, cup size, coffee strength and brewing temperature. A hot water dispenser makes preparation of tea fast and convenient.The machine also comes with a innovative lighting system, that can create 7 different accents to reflect your mood and taste. A high-quality ceramic disc grinder is durable and quiet. You can also adjust how fine you want to grind fresh coffee beans. Gaggenau.

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