CDA built-in semi and fully automatic electronic coffee makers

CDA offers two built-in electronic coffee makers which should satisfy your espresso and cappuccino tastes as well as your banking account. Both the shown above semi, and the fully automatic coffee machines feature electronic programmer with blue LCD display, blue LED lighting, hot water and steam, 3 coffee settings – long, normal and short, 2 litre integral water tank, integral coffee tank, low coffee and water warning indicators, steam nozzle, removable drip tray and ground coffee dispenser tray. The main difference between these two stainless steel CDA coffee makers is how the coffee beans are grounded. With the VC2 fully automatic machine, you simply top up the water tank, pour in the coffee beans, select coffee bean grinding programme and your work is over – the coffee maker will produce coffee as programmed. The semi automatic CDA machine, VC1 has a coffee grinder, so you first grind your coffee beans and then transfer them using the supplied stainless steel cup and handle. While grinding your coffee beans manually may seem as a complicated task, the VC1 built-in CDA coffee maker costs about £200 less. The prices vary and you can find a real bargain, but prepare to spend at least around £580 and £780 respectively.

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