CDA range cookers – 90cm single oven range cooker

British made CDA range cookers come in different shapes, configurations and sizes. Some CDA ranges strongly resemble the ones from several leading Italian manufacturers. The CDA range cooker which really stands out, however, is X900, the 90cm single oven range cooker with the 5 or 6-gas burner hob and multifunction electric oven. The 5-burner hob features 2 semi rapid burners, 1 rapid, 1 fish and 1 wok burner totaling 13,000W in burning power. The 6-burner CDA range hob comes with 2 wok, 2 semi rapid burners, 1 rapid and 1 auxiliary burner with combining power of 14,700W. The 75 litre electric multifunction oven gives you 8 more cooking functions, so you can cook the entire dinner course for family and friends with ease and convenience. These attractive CDA ranges are available in 7 finishes – cream with stainless steel, cream with gold, bordeaux with stainless steel, bordeaux with gold, black with stainless steel, black with gold and stainless steel, and are hand finished, with the prices starting at £2,230.

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