Gaggenau built-in coffee maker – CM 200

Effortlessly combining gorgeous design and high-tech operations, the Gaggenau CM 200 built-in coffee maker is a must have for the coffee enthusiast who craves delicious espresso in their seamlessly integrated kitchen. This 24 inch wide coffee machine elegantly integrates with kitchen cabinets to save valuable counter space. But don’t let the minimalist design fool you – the Gaggenau CM 200 is a high end professional coffee maker, just like the one in your local coffee bar. The CM 200 coffee machine features the Aroma Whirl brewing technique, where the drip grind is whirled during the brewing process allowing water to reach every coffee granule. With the automatic cleaning and descaling program, this Gaggenau coffee maker water pipes are rinsed after ever cycle, ensuring that the machine has no water residue and is 100% hygienic. The conical grinding gear allows for fresh, on the spot grinding, which is essential for tasty coffee and espresso. Choose from six grinding levels, from ultra fine to rough. Delicious espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, foaming milk and brewed coffee – from the stylish, built-in CM 200 Gaggenau coffee maker.

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