New Gorenje built-in self cleaning coffee machine with Auto Cappuccino function

The new stainless steel built-in coffee machine from Gorenje, CFA 9100 E offers superior performance, advanced technological solutions and simple operation for modern coffee drinkers. It comes with button control and an LCD display showing commands and functions in 8 different languages. The fully automatic machine provides a variety of coffee brewing methods letting you select the flavour of your choice. If you are in a mood for tea, it can also serve hot water only. You can also set the automatic switch-on time to have this Gorenje coffee machine ready for you in the morning.
Auto Cappuccino is a unique function for the preparation of excellent Italian coffee with one single touch of a special button that enables you to brew a cup of a cappuccino with all its superior characteristics. The machine forces the exact amount of water through the coffee, gently extracting its essential fragrance and preserving its authentic taste. The integrated slider helps you to regulate the milk frothiness and thus savour a creamy cappuccino or coffee with milk. Large removable milk container allows simultaneous preparation of several cups of cappuccino without having to add milk each time. Then you can store container in the refrigerator till next time.

Furthermore, you can manually adjust the fineness of the grind, so this machine serves 5 types of coffee, characterised by different textures and aromas – extra mild, mild, medium, strong and extra strong. You can also choose from single, medium and double shots of espresso coffee, and prepare 2 cups of coffee at a time. Or simply program your preferred coffee parameters, like the amount of coffee, flavour and texture fineness, and you can have your favorite cup almost instantly anytime. Speaking of fineness, you have no less than 9 levels of fineness to choose from. Gorenje wants you to enjoy the freshest coffee aroma and grinding the beans just before making coffee preserves its aroma to perfection. You can also use previously ground coffee as well. If you choose this option, you can set the dose for each individual cup, while coffee in beans is dosed automatically by the machine. Coffee grounds are collected in a special container. When the container is full or the coffee bean container is empty, a warning appears on the display. By the way, coffee grinder noise level is rather reasonable 60 db.
The less glamorous side of built-in coffee machines is the cleaning, often a bit burdensome, to put it mildly. This is one of the most important advantages of the Gorenje coffee machine. Just activate the cleaning function by simply pressing the CLEAN button for a few seconds, and you get antibacterial treatment of the milk dispenser and the inner suction tubes. Moreover, the self cleaning machine performs an automatic washing cycle at every switch-on and shut-off, washing away any coffee residues from the dispensing nozzles, preventing potential nozzle clogging. But due to various degrees of water hardness, the machine needs to be periodically descaled when display shows a warning. The descaling program again, is activated by simply pressing the DESCALE button. And all removable parts of this Gorenje coffee machine are dishwasher safe. Price is around € 1365.

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