Wolf built-in coffee system with a matching cup drawer: espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato


The new Wolf built-in coffee system, a part of the company new generation of kitchen appliances, should be available for purchase in June 2014.

The gourmet home coffee system makes professional quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and up to 14 ounces of hot water, and perfectly steams and foams milk in seconds, producing a consistently delicious cup of coffee, prepared precisely to your taste, every time.


Not only does the 24″ Wolf built-in coffee system produce a solid repertoire of beverages, it offers the convenience of a single-touch milk cleaning feature, which uses steam and requires no disassembly.

It also comes with 1.8 liter water tank, so no additional plumbing work is necessary.

Featuring the bright LCD control panel, the coffee system allows you to select the size you want from 4 push button presets.

Choose from a 1-ounce espresso shot to a 12-ounce coffee.

You can also program and save, using the customizable My Coffee setting, a drink size up to 7 ounces.

Choose from 5 strength settings when brewing with whole beans – from extra mild to extra strong.

And speaking of whole bean, this Wolf coffee system holds about half a pound and grinds it automatically with its adjustable built-in stainless steel burr grinder that offers 13 grind settings.

And, of course, you can also use ground coffee.

The Double Coffee button pours 2 identical cups in the same time.

You can position a cup under each of the two spouts or place a large mug under the spouts to make a double-size coffee instead.

You can also program a time for the system to turn itself on and warm up automatically, so it is ready to brew when you want.

For safety and energy efficiency, the system powers down after a set period of inactivity.

And once your coffee is ready, the Wolf built-in coffee system ejects the compressed grounds into a container, then lets you know when the container is ready to be emptied.

A removable drip tray catches excess water from brewing and rinsing. Simply rinse it out just as you would your coffee cup.

The matching 24″ warming cup drawer is available in CW24/S stainless and CW24/B black models for suggested price of $995.

Wolf cup warming drawer uses air circulation to gently warm cups to the ideal temperature for your drink while keeping them cool enough to hold comfortably.

The Wolf built-in coffee system will be available in EC24/S stainless steel and EC24/B black glass styles with optional trim kits to seamlessly coordinate with other Wolf products.

Suggested price is $3,200.

Wolf Appliances.

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