Siemens iQ700 built in coffee machine

Contemporary kitchen appliances must support health and environment as well as offer enjoyment and retreat in the increasingly complex and busy lifestyles of the modern consumer. The innovative and elegant Siemens iQ700 built in coffee machine does just that – delivering aesthetics and perfect aroma in the sleek, wall integrated design.

This urban built-in coffee bar is made with black or white glass and horizontal chrome plated steel trims. The contemporary minimalist design language is expressed by the simple display that activates only when something is brewing or about to be brewed, central stainless rotary knob and crisp black opening with coffee spout, and nothing more.
You can make cappuccino, espresso, latte, double cup, 2 cups at a time at the touch of a button. The unique myCoffee option allows you to save up to 8 of favorite drinks. The 19-bar pump, sensoFlow system, adjustable coffee grinder which automatically adapts to the type of bean and constant brewing temperature maintained across the brewing process in the ideal range of 90°C to 95°C ensure, you get that rare maximum flavor in each and every cup the Siemens iQ700 built in coffee machine prepares.
The iQ700 features Intenza BRITA filter to reduce water hardness, odor and taste interfering substances. After each preparation, the piping system is completely flushed. The milk system is automatically flushed after each drink made with milk or milk foam with a short yet very effective burst of steam. The brewing unit can also be removed and cleaned under running water. The milk frother is dishwasher safe. Siemens.

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