DeLonghi coffee maker – Primadonna

We have had high expectations for a new DeLonghi coffee maker, ever since DeLonghi came with its Magnifica espresso machine satisfying the most demanding espresso drinkers. In just a few days, a brand new, fully automated DeLonghi coffee maker, Primadonna, will be released. Featuring a patented Autocappuccino system for the perfect cappuccino, Italian latte or flat white, the DeLonghi Primadonna coffee maker allows you to personalize your coffee experience like never before. Choose from short, medium or long, strong or extra mild aroma and temperatures ranging from extra hot to medium. The Primadonna also allows for maximum flexibility in a coffee maker. It can use either beans or ground coffee, features adjustable grinding, coffee quantity and water quantity as well as an adjustable coffee dispenser for varying cup sizes. All this and it cleans up after itself too – just press the cleaning button and the machine will perform an automatic washing cycle. Available starting 4 days from now, the fully automated Primadonna DeLonghi coffee maker. The price is $3,000 AUD or $2,305 USD.

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