Melitta c35 coffee machine

Initially designed for McDonald’s Japan, the fully automatic Melitta c35 coffee machine belongs to the company flagship Cafina Alpha line. The name is highly significant as the c35 packs cutting-edge technology and simple operation into a very slim machine measuring just 35 centimeters.

Espresso, ristretto, coffee crème or a skinny latte macchiato? No problem, the c35 dispenses over 100 different products at the press of a button. And the display provides detailed information on exactly what’s going on. Melitta c35 coffee machine is available in 5 models – mcs/is, 12CM, 12C, 12M and 1W – with one or two grinders. Melitta.
Melitta Cafeo Lattea
Melitta Cafeo Solo
Melitta Stage filter coffee maker
Melitta MyCup coffee maker

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