Spectra coffee systems with three grinders and a milk, steam and hot-water dispenser

The line of 30cm wide Spectra coffee machines was created with the ability to adapt perfectly to all kinds of requirements, from a home or office to a busy cafe environment. Designed in three standard colors – silver, anthracite and champagne by Franke Coffee Systems, the Spectra line consists of three basic models – S, X and I each available with three operating systems – Basic, Touch and Vetro, and numerous options, allowing for countless combinations, complete versatility and functionality to satisfy the most demanding coffee drinker of today.


Franke offers innovative materials such as Plexiglas and chromium steel and three operating systems – Basic, Touch and Vetro, so you and your guests or customers can use keypad, touchscreen or glass panel. Spectra frame lighting is subtle and distinctive, allowing you to adapt the look of your Spectra coffee machines to your decor by choosing the color of the frame lighting from red, blue, yellow or orange.

The versatile Spectra S can be configured quite simple as a coffee machine with one grinder or quite complicated – with three grinders and a milk, steam and hot-water dispenser, so you can prepare virtually any coffee drink.

With four brewing levels, the Spectra X always prepares precisely the amount of coffee you need throughout the day. The ground coffee is fed directly from the dosage unit to the brewing chamber. The brewed coffee remains perfectly fresh inside a closed glass container that does not adulterate its taste in any way.

The basic Spectra I has one powder dosage unit, perfectly complimenting as a stand-alone chocolate dispenser the Spectra S and Spectra X. Equipped with two additional dosage units for powdered milk and instant coffee, the I becomes a tabletop vending machine in its own right.
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