Meseta capsule system

Designed by Animadinamica design studio, Meseta Capsule System is the new and innovative way to enjoy a perfect espresso and coffee in biodegradable capsule, in the comfort of your home. Aroma, taste, design, made in Italy … Meseta Capsule System is the technology to achieve the same result – an amazing cup of espresso. Works exclusively with Meseta capsules sold only at Meseta Shop.
Meseta compact body is made of ABS plastic, measures 27 x 32 x 17cm, weighs just 3.5kg and has a 1.2 litre removable water tank. It automatically ejects used capsules in the lower frontal basket and delivers 20-bar pressure. Capsules are introduced in the top, under the level and once used, drop into a capsule basket. Currently available in blue, and light blue, and sells for € 100.

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