Super automatic coffee machine – Espressione Supremma

The Italian made bean to cup coffee machine is now available for purchase in North America. This super automatic coffee machine sells for around $1,000 USD. Among the highlights are professional brewing system developed by Bianchi with very impressive 10-year limited warranty, touch screen display and guide, 18 bar pump, 8 programmable options, temperature control, large 1.8 liter removable water tank with visible water level and blue cobalt light, maxi cappuccino milk frothing device with cappucinador for making perfect cappuccinos and lattes, proprietary Coffee Essence System with a pre-infusion that extracts and boosts the aroma and flavor of the coffee, and professional quality adjustable ceramic grinding plates that do not burn the coffee even at high speeds to preserve the authentic taste.

The super automatic Espressione Supremma coffee machine works with either ground coffee or whole beans and comes with anti-drip valve with self primer, hot water and steam function, adjustable automatic switch-off, high pressure safety valve with cap, Thermo Cream system with filter and self cleaning / decalcification functions. Youcan by this super automatic coffee machine here. Visit Espressione USA for more details.

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