Compact coffee maker – Qosmo by Diverge Design

Designed for Delta by Diverge Design, Qosmo is the portable coffee machine built for the Delta Q capsules. The first Delta Q machine that is thought, designed, developed and produced entirely in Portugal, Qosmo project was stated as a challenge put to Diverge, to specify an entry level product, with an attractive design, a time to market below 12 months, using only local partners. This portable coffee maker designed for diverse, urban coffee drinkers on the go, also reflect the fact that coffee drinking in Portugal is above all a social act rooted in a long tradition and knowledge of good coffee. Delta encapsulated coffee delivers quality coffee to consumers whenever they want it. The majority of the existing machines in the market differentiate themselves by better or worse aesthetics, without offering anything new to the consumer from the experience point of view.

This highly portable compact coffee maker weighs just under 3.5 kg and is inspired by iconic objects that reflect modern habits and lifestyles, with design, simplicity, portability and mobility being in high demand among consumers. The appearance of the television remote control changed the way we watch television, the mobile phone allows telecommunication anywhere, and the Walkman and then the Discman allowed us to take our music everywhere.

With Qosmo you can have your coffee anywhere in the house, this is the first espresso machine designed to be portable. Its format reminds us of travelling luggage, with simple buttons and a handle. Its compact body is split between opaque and transparent parts, a 1.2 litre removable water tank in the back and an elegant coffee fountain in the front. Qosmo can be closed, the electrical cable stored below, allowing safe transportation within the domestic environment. And this portable coffee maker delivers 19 bar pressure and automatically ejects used capsules while measuring under 27 x 31 x 17 cm. The Delta Q capsules, in 7 blends and a rooibos tea, are introduced in the front, and once used, drop into a capsule basket. The tray for the coffee cup may be closed, if a tall glass is used. The capsules can be disposed to the special containers throughout Portugal as Delta recycles all collected capsules as part of their Close the Circuit sustainability policy. Currently available in Black, White and Nacre, and sells for € 150.
Compact espresso maker
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