Nespresso Lattissima – first twin heating and pump function in-home coffee maker

Nespresso and DeLonghi together deliver premium quality, fresh milk coffee in the comfort of your own home with the Nespresso Lattissima, first of its kind in-home coffee machine to feature twin heating and pump functions at the price of £250. With both functions acting in tandem, the Lattissima delivers perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato in under a minute at the touch of a single button.

Nespresso, market leader and purveyor of the finest, perfectly proportioned coffee and DeLonghi, renowned for technically excellent Primadonna coffee maker and Magnifica espresso machine, introduced twin heating and pump system, enabling the Lattissima to eliminate the traditional waiting time between coffee and milk preparation to deliver fresh-from-the-fridge milk froth and premium coffee at high speed. Measuring only W8.07″ x D13.46″ x H10.16″, the compact Nespresso Lattissima combines style and luxury with functionality and convenience. The one-touch cappuccino system provides the optimal combination of steam, milk and air to create fresh milk froth with perfect consistency. Avoiding the problem of mess encountered with many other espresso machines, an auto-rinsing function also enables you to easily clean the tubes used for milk foam preparation.
A new feature for additional convenience is a removable 0.5 litre milk container that can be stored in the fridge, an ideal way to ensure that milk is kept fresh until the next day. The machine also includes an adjustable cup platform that can be pushed back to fit a latte glass and on the Chrome model, the entire top surface of the Nespresso Lattissima offers a generous amount of space for warming cups. Created by renowned designer Antoine Cahen from Ateliers du Nord in Lausanne, who gave most Nespresso machines their unique look, the Lattissima displays a one-of-a-kind functionality and user-friendliness, mirrored by a classic, modern design, and its structured clear-line features will make it stand out in any kitchen. The prices are £250 or $700 USD for the Creamy White or Red Lattissima and £300 or $800 USD for the Chrome model.

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