New Gaggia Platinum line of super-automatic coffee machines

The new line of Gaggia super-automatic coffee machines – Gaggia Platinum is the result of combination of last generation technology and refined design. Designed and manufactured in Italy with the only purpose of creating the most unique and perfect espresso each and every time, the five models of Gaggia Platinum represent elegant examples of interior design and professional performance and follow in footsteps of the excellent Gaggia Evolution. The five Platinum coffee makers are Vision, Swing Up, Swing, Vogue and Event all are attractively designed and easy to use. The two main differences are finishes and control panel interfaces. The top of the line Gaggia Vision comes with exclusive touch screen which allows you to to select a desired function or to enter the programming menu by a simple touch on the screen. Both Swing Up and Swing feature the sleek LCD displays with Click Dial, allowing you an easy control of all the functions. The Vogue and Event have simple and functional analog control interfaces. Also adjustable drip-trays are controlled electronically in Vision, Swing Up Gaggia Platinum coffee machines, whereas Swing, Vogue and Event are equipped with manually adjusted trays. Previously, Gaggia L’Amante, K111 and K111d espresso machines.

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