WMF1 coffee pad machine in black

The latest WMF1 coffee pad machine is finished in the very sleek black. Quite popular for its exceptional design and shaping, WMF1 stands out now even more, with sharp contrast of the shiny black and orange, instantly attracting all eyes to your table. The smartly designed integrated cup makes every coffee break a special event. The compact and portable coffee pad machine weighs just 1.7 kg and can be used nearly at all places where you want to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

It takes less than a minute to make a cup of coffee. The integrated water tank of WMF1 is sized exactly to hold the volume needed for one cup, so you always brew only with fresh water. Simply insert your favorite standard coffee pad into the pad holder and press the button. Price is € 115. WMF. Previously, WMF coffee machine.

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