Siemens EQ.7 coffee centre

The new EQ.7 from Z-series, Siemens TK76009 is the beautifully designed, high performance Siemens coffee centre which serves your favorite latte, cappuccino or espresso with one-touch personalization feature, My Coffee. The fully automatic espresso machine comes in a high-gloss Piano black finish and with blue neon LED lights, and with 19-bar pressure pump and unique Aroma Pressure brewing technology which ensures full-bodied taste, delivers coffee that exceeds your highest expectations. Designing the EQ.7 coffee centre, Siemens took into account every step and factor influencing the taste, such as coffee beans, brewing technique, grinding level, temperature and pressure, and equipped the machine with intelligent technology which considers everything to prepare the ultimate cup of coffee. Features such as Innovative heating Sensor Flow system which minimizes the heating time, high quality Silent Ceram Drive grinder and bean container with aroma preservation cover ensure that coffee retains its flavour from the beans to the cup. You can also individually adjustable coffee temperature, hot water temperature and grinding parameters.

Several note worthy attributes include height adjustable coffee spout and milk nozzle with intake cream center, high-quality programmable LCD graphic display, removable brewing unit and water tank, insulated milk container with metal sheathing, intelligent auto valve system for automatic switching between Steam and Hot Water functions and electronic water filter change indicator. Cleaning this Siemens coffee center is easy, thanks to the automatic rinse program and cleaning and descaling Calc’n’Clean function. You can buy one for approximately £1,150.
Siemens coffee machine
Siemens espresso machine

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