Severin Piccola fully automatic coffee machine

You can get Americano, espresso, latte macchiato, white coffee or cappuccino with a delicious milk froth cap, with the new compact and very versatile Severin Piccola fully automatic coffee machine. Available in 3 models, black KV 8055 Piccola Classica, and silver KV8061 and red KV 8062 Premium machines with integrated stainless steel milk jug, Piccola follows the successful launch of Severin S2+ One Touch automatic coffee machine, and is priced extremely competitively at € 450 for Classica and € 500 for Premium models.

Featuring one touch operation, Severin Piccola measures just under 23 x 32 x 39 cm, making it one of the most compact fully automatic coffee machines available today. Even some pod and capsule machines are larger and take up more space. In spite of its small size, the 1.6 kw Piccola has everything you need to prepare perfect coffee. You get a 140 gr bean container fill volume, a 1.35 litre water tank, a 15 bar pressure high efficiency pump and a patented, removable 10 gr brewing unit.
With the Severin Piccola, getting great flavour tailored to your personal taste is quite simple. The high-contrast, full-graphic display shows all the functions at a glance and in your choice of 12 different languages with dynamic icons. The coffee, water and milk-foam quantities can be set to one of 3 levels as desired, and the quick-selection feature allows you to set your personal favourites in a flash. The high-performance pump and ceramic disk grinder, which features 5 grinding-fineness settings, ensure superb portafilter quality cream and creamy milk foam.
The fully automatic Severin coffee machine also comes with a power saving automatic switch-off feature which can be set from 1 minute to 12 hours. This means that power is only flowing while a beverage is being prepared.

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