Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine

Finished in exquisite brushed stainless steel with blue-lit TFT display, the EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine belongs to the popular Siemens EQ range, that includes Siemens EQ.7 coffee centre and Siemens macchiatoPlus EQ.5 bean to cup espresso machine. The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine offers striking design, sophisticated technology and an assembly of highly desirable features.

The aromaIntense feature produces an even more intense taste and the intuitive colour TFT display is very easy to use. The new superSilent sound design makes the Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine virtually silent.
In the heart of this machine is Siemens unique sensoFlow System and Intelligent Heating Technology, which ensure the perfect, 90°C to 95°C temperature, consistently maintained for every cup throughout the entire brewing process – probably the most important attribute required to achieve that perfect coffee aroma.
The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine allows you to make drinks exactly how you like them, thanks to the aromaIntense 2-stage adjustable brewing speed, which has Intense setting to extend the extraction time for a more intense flavour. In addition, Double Shot is perfect for the lovers of extra strong coffee drinks. The 2 grinding and brewing processes reduce bitterness for a full bodied, very rounded flavour.
You can also choose different cup sizes for milk, milk froth and hot water. The 3 preset cup sizes of Small, Medium and Large can be adjusted to 5 different levels. The rest of the process is performed at just the touch of a button. The oneTouch function serves up exceptionally thick milk froth for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. Of course, the Siemens CreamCleaner ensures that the milk system is perfectly hygienic.

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