Severin Cubo petite espresso maker

Intended for young espresso drinkers and young in heart, the new petite colourful espresso maker, Severin Cubo offers modern design that combines blue, green or pink colours with pure white. These cute, eye catching coffee makers can also brew an excellent espresso – black, strong, hot, aromatic, served with a perfect crema in a delicate cup.

Cubo has everything needed to prepare a good cup of espresso, make it a double is you wish so. The Severin espresso maker features stainless steel sieve carrier that works with 3 different sieve inserts – for a single espresso, for a double and for ESE pods, of course.
Severin Cubo is equipped with the advanced thermo block heating system and integrated prebrew function. Its 1.25 kW of power ensures quick heating, while the 15-bar pump delivers more than sufficient pressure to make sure that water and coffee grounds come into contact for a very short time. Thus, a very tiny amount of bitter substances is released from the coffee, so the intense aroma and full flavour develop perfectly.
The Cubo espresso maker will be available in 3 models – the KA 5991 in green and white, the KA 5992 blue and white and the KA 5993 pink and white. Severin.
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